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Abandoned prison (asset)

AssetStore URL:!/content/80596
This is a scene presenting a common block of a derelict high-security prison. The scene is constructed with a set of models including PBR-materials. They allow creating prison wards of different configurations. The scene can be used for creation of VR applications. Models may be helpful for game development (e.g. Horrors and other genres)

Accet includes the following models:
- a steel rusty bar presented in several variants
- Construction elements: walls, a door, ceilings, a floor
-Elements for staircase and suspended ceiling installation; rails and banisters of different length.
- Supply lines: wires and nodes of electrical circuit, ventilation stacks and water-pipes
- a toilet bowl, a wash-basin, a bed, a fire-extinguisher, rubbish on the floor and etc.